The Poor Everyone’s Guide to Finding Something, Anything, in Life

Here is the first lesson: 

The World Isn’t Fair. 

Its not. We wish it was, we wish we got something for just being here, we wish we just go something even for working our asses off. But there is no guarantee. Hell, there is even a very small chance. The disparity between what we want in life and what we get is usually so large that we can look down and see clouds and birds. That dream job is usually a pipe dream, we will never afford that car, or that house. We have one hundred dreams, and the sad truth is that most of us will only reach about five of those. So what do we do? Do we have small dreams, and live small lives? Why set ourselves up for failure if we know we will fail?


So, in light of that cheery fucking thought, here is Lesson Number 2:

The World Isn’t Fair, And it Doesn’t Need to Be. 

The fact is, To a certain point, we have to take what life gives us. And we are so wrapped up in what the world gives us that we forget that we can take whatever the hell we want from the world. 


I thought I was going to put more into this, but I don’t know if I need to. The world has a tendency of dealing shit hands to whoever it damn well pleases. People chalk this up to luck, Karma, or retribution, but it doesn’t matter. Its not worth it to begrudge your stance in life. Find something worth having, and latch on to it. If it floats away, find something else. 

There really isn’t much more to say. Find something in life that you are willing to love. Find it, and love it.


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